water The superstructure of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is defined by the Club of Rome in the famous quote,

"In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill..."  

Remember that the Club of Rome is an environmental think tank driven by David Rockefeller, the founder of the Trilateral Commission.

Water Collection

In America many water shortages have been caused by inadequate collection of water in reservoirs, particularly in the arid western states.  California is a rich example of this, with its failing infrastructure and closure of reservoirs.  The water is free in California, but citizens are charged for its delivery.  Naturally, the collectivists' solutions for creating new infrastructures are on such a grand scale, that they are beyond the grasp of achievement, which is done intentionally in order to bottleneck  productive solutions.  Specifically, several new reservoirs could simply be built near the California Bay Delta region, but instead the option that the Governator and legislators have given us will cost $11 billion, and is filled with pork and payoffs.

Water Rights

The water rights of landowners is continuously under attack.  For example, in Texas and California, there are very strong water rights laws that protect landowners: the landowner owns the land and its water in a sliver all the way down to the center of the Earth, expanding all the way up into the sky.  However, local governments keep trying to pass laws to seize the water outright, or tax the landowner for his own water.  Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates said that when these cases go to court in California,  the landowners usually win.  

In other states where water rights laws are weak, like in Nevada, which is over 80% federally "owned" or managed, the landowner must show 'beneficial use' of their water, or they may be subject to the state taking it.



Water is a business asset prized by the wealthy elite, because it will always produce a profit, as it is a resource essential to survival.  While free market privatization may not necessarily be a bad thing, resources sold to corporations, individuals or other entities, for the purpose of monopolization, control and profit, is disastrous.  Because water is so necessary to survival, virtually any price will be paid by users.


The most common way that collectivists gain control of resources (like water, sewer systems, subways, etc.) is to buy them from cash strapped governments (local, state and national governments).  For a better understanding of how this mechanism is carried out, click here and here.

George Washington Hunt attended a UN Environmental meeting in 1987 and learned how the elitists were privatizing resource.  When he discovered, the day before a vote to sell off Boulder, Colorado's water source to Maurice Strong, Mr. Hunt stayed up all night preparing documents that proved Strong was interested in creating a monopoly (as water is essential for life).  Because Mr. Hunt was aware of the nature of privatization and monopolies, which are created through government regulations, he was able to educate the local government and stop the sale of Boulder's water source.


Endangered Species Act:

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a weapon used for the control and seizure of resources.  The ESA was ushered in through 5 UN treaties, as it is so negative, that it failed to be passed as law.  The ESA is based on a UN model and the UN has undue influence over the underlying "science".  Rural land especially is under siege: if an endangered or threatened species is found on land, it may be turned into a 'protected' habitat and human activity is prohibited. This also prevents extraction of resources (like water).  California's Bay Delta congress caused drought is an obvious example.  In order to "save" the smelt, water to farms that supply 50% of America's produce and nuts, was cut off by the federal Department of Interior.

The ESA is not only a way for the federal government (Department of Interior's Forestry Service, the Bureau of Land Management, US fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation and  the Department of Commerces' National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to usurp power, but also land and resources.  The federal government has taken authority over 48% of the deliverable water in the Bay Delta region, and most of that flows out to the Pacific Ocean.  There is no Constitutional provision for the federal government to oversee wildlife.

The ESA is a tool for power, often based on phony UN style science.  And it doesn't work.



Deception and Propaganda:

The collectivists try to fool us through language.  Often their language is soft, indirect, flowery, boring and long winded (the Global Biodiversity Assessment report, companion document to Agenda 21, is over 1300 pages.  They also use alarmism with threats if death and destruction unless their solution is implemented.

One example of the deception can be found in Urban Environmental Accord that states that water consumption of individuals over 100 litres of water a day must be cut by 10%.   The trick here is that they used the word LITRES;  Americans use about 100 GALLONS of water a day.  100 litres of water = 26 gallons per person per day.  We use water to bathe, cook, flush the toilet, clean laundry, water lawns, etc., so our lives would be severly affected by this.



As part of the depopulation and sterilization scheme, the collectivists pollute our water with fluoride (an industrial waste product), chlorine and variuos other substances that are added to treated municipal water "for our own good".

Further, drugs that have been excreted from people and flushed down the toilet, may not  be removed from our water that comes out of the tap, and can be absorbed through the skin.

Mike Adams' Natural News exposed that there are over 60,000 chemicals in our drinking water, but it's EPA approved!


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Written by Cassandra Anderson.

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