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Solution 2

Bankers Laughing All the Way to the Bank

The 'Audit the Fed' bill has been watered down by Senator Bernard Sanders right at the last minute (a common strategy: pretend to be a populist, then at the last minute, the politician "gives in" in the spirit of compromise). The Audit the Fed bill could go to vote in the Senate any day now.

Written by Cassandra Anderson.

Solution 1

There solution to untangle this web, designed to kill and enslave us, begins locally and expands upward.

The good news is that you can work to dismantle the binding chains in your own town, creating local autonomy. 

Hope in the Prison of Despair by Evelyn de Morgan

ICLEI and the mayors are the targets of this UN program, but you can get rid of it by:

  • Educating local governments
  • Educating the community and buiding alliances
  • Applying political pressure to elected officials
  • Model legislation to nullify ICLEI in your hometown

The next step is to secure State sovereignty:

  • Education
  • Creating lobbist groups to put pressure on elected state officials to nullify unConstitutional DC laws
  • Model legislation and state tracking is provided through the Tenth Amendment Center
  • Vote out collectivists and welcome freedom candidtaes into office

The final goal:

  • Independence and self reliance for America- becoming producers instead of importers
  • Nullification of unConstitutional treaties
  • Breaking the monopolies by removing government edicts that allow monopolies, thus creating a free market with competition
  • Get out of the UN

The result: Life , Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness!


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