California Water Shortage

The division of water is as follows

  • A whopping 48% goes to the environment (that means the federal government has control over it via the Endangered Species Act - ESA), and most of that water flows right into the Pacific Ocean!
  • 41% Goes to Agriculture
  • 11% Goes to Urban use


The federal government has usurped its power and controls the water that belongs to the State and landowners. This has been accomplished through 2 methods. The first method for their control is the ownership of the CW Jones Water Pump in San Joaquin County, CA. Even though California will have paid for the pump by 2030, the feds will retain control. This is one of the main pumps in the Delta area (the other one is State owned), and it has been reduced to a trickle by way of the Endangered Species Act. This is unConstitutional!

The federal government, per the Constitution, has no authority over water.
The federal government, per the Constitution, has no authority over wildlife.

The other method that the feds have used to lock up California water resources is the stranglehold that they have over the Delta (again, by way of the ESA). The collection of water in California is deficient. Why build more reservoirs when the water will have to pass through the Delta, which the feds control?

According to Sheriff Mack, the following elected officials can turn the water back 'on':

  1. Governor
  2. State Legislators
  3. San Jouquin County Supervisors can pass a resolution
  4. As a last resort, the sheriffs from the affected counties, including San Joaquin County, can turn the pump 'on' and arrest any federal agent that gets in their way.

By the way, counties can also authorize certain areas to be designated for growing hemp. Hemp is a super nutritional source of food, it can be used for oil, it can replace many plastic and paper products and can be used for textiles. Hemp is not a drug. It used to be illegal to NOT grow it in America!

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