Food is a necessity and the collectivists use it as a weapon.

This has been achieved by attacking the food supply by way of:

•  Deception and Propaganda


Deception and propaganda have been used by Wall Street bankers in creating a mindset for massive profits and a monstrous food industry to support it.  This has ushered in industrialized farming and "Big Ag".  The food industry only grows 1% per year, but in order to clear enormous profits, the industry must:

1. Sell more food (despite only needing a fixed amount).
2. Sell the same food at a higher price (this is usually done through processing the food).
3. Creating new markets for the food (like using corn for animal feed and crops for fuel).

•  Water Shortages, compliments of the Endangered Species Act (ESA)


Man-made droughts have been created by Congress, using their authority under the ESA, to stop irrigation water from flowing to farms.  Also, the ESA is used to prevent planting crops on farmlands that have been deemed "protected habitats" of so-called threatened or endangered species.

•  Monoculture and Subsidies

In the 1970's, Earl Butz, the head of the US Agricultural Department, decided that  all farmland should be used to continuously grow food.  The result is depleted soil nutrients, therefore, synthetic fertilizers are used to replenish depleted nitrogen.  Prior to this time, rotational farming was practiced: farmers would alternate planting corn that depletes the soil, with soy that enriches it, and allowing the land to lay fallow (unplanted) to restore nutrients to the soil.

This action was implemented through government subsidies and tax breaks to farmers, which affected their ability to get loans from banks.  As a result, corn became the single biggest crop, and a virtual monoculture (growing only one crop) was created.  Monocultures are dangerous because one disease can wipe out the entire food supply (like the great potato famine in Ireland that left thousands to starve).

Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill, the mega corporations that process, store and transport food, are the biggest recipients of agricultural subsidies.  Ron Paul has advocated ending all farming subsidies, in order to eliminate the corporate take over of our food supply and to open up a free market.

Corn, used as a sweetener in high fructose corn syrup, is made with sulphuric acid, according to the excellent documentary King Corn.

The most abundant farms are those that grow many types of plants, using rotational farming.  

• Pesticides:

Pesticides kill insects.  They are not too good for humans, either.  Monsanto is the leading producer of pesticides in the world.  


If you grow your own food, try using Diotomaceous Earth; this is a powder that is non toxic to humans and pets, but works mechanically to kill ground crawling bugs, so they don't develop immunities to it.  Diotomaceous Earth are nearly microscopic diatoms (sea creature shells) often shaped like snowflakes and they cut the waxy chitinous exoskeleton on bugs, killing them.

•  Monsanto's seed monopoly 

Monsanto controls over 85% of the world's seed market.  They cornered the market by selling their patented seeds cheaply to farmers, and charging the farmers for the seeds collected after the harvest (to use for the next season), because they owned the patent.  After harvest, the amount of Genetically Modified seeds are fewer than what the farmers could have collected from natural seeds.  Further, the farmlands are ruined, because the GM seeds are still present, even if natural seeds are planted in the soil later, and they cross breed with the GM seeds.

•  Poisoned food with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Monsanto's GMOs have made America's food supply toxic, and are present in over 75% of the average American diet and they don't even know it due to a media blackout).  Genetic engineering is combining 2 or more life forms that would never mate in nature, in order to create a new life form so that it could be patented (like a fish and a tomato).  In order to do this, the genes of the organisms are injected with virus, bacteria and/or metal, so that the genes will fit together.  These genes then commonly mutate into new unknown life forms, with unknown implications.


Monsanto avoided FDA testing of GMOs by using the dubious talents of Michael Taylor, who started as a lawyer specializing in public policy, then he became the FDA Commissioner of Public Policy, then vice president of Monsanto, and is currently a food advisor to the FDA. Taylor got FDA approval of GMOs when he held office in the FDA in the 1990's.  He went to work for the FDA and argued that food has been around for millions of years, so food is safe; he then postulated that GMOs were "substantially equivalent" to food, therefore, GMOs are safe.

Taylor's career is the definition of the "revolving door" (in and out of government office to affect policy in favor of corporations).  He is the 2nd cousin of Tipper Gore.



There have been several studies, as well as Monsanto's own data, that shows that GMOs cause liver and kidney damage.

•  Toxic Meat and Dairy 

Because there was is so much excess  corn, as a result of Earl Butz' policies from the 1970's, corn is now used as animal feed.  This is particularly harmful for cattle as they are ruminates (multiple stomachs) and were created to eat grass and digest it slowly.  When cattle are fed corn (a grain), it produces a condition known as 'acidosis' and their stomachs bloat and implode and the animals die.  So, they are given antibiotics and hormones (to fatten them), and then slaughtered before they can die from acidosis, when sent to an industrial feed lot.

When you factor in the concentration of harmful  substances from GMO feed, GMO growth hormones and other hormones fed to dairy cattle, you can imagine the harmful implications for humans.

The UN and its affiliated groups that receive funding from them, promote vegetarianism to reduce phony carbon emissions.  However, in March of 2010, they admitted that their "science" was skewed.

• Codex Alimentarius

This is an agency of the United Nations designed to de-nutrify food and regulate it, so that the government has total control over all food.  One of its main goals is to classify food as a drug, so that adequate vitamins will be unavailable.  It is being implemented slowly and secretly (again due to the media blackout). The video We Become Silent is an excellent introduction to this UN horror.




1. Educate everyone you know and stop allowing the Wall Street mindset to dictate what is in our food supply
2. Buy organic food
3. Grow your own food with organic heirloom seeds (permaculture).
4. Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Groups formed to buy food directly from farms and deliver to urban areas.  The steady income stream also benefits farmers.

5. Shop at farmer's markets. 
6. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup.
7. Lobby against farm subsidies
8.  Inform local markets and restaurants that you want to eat organic food.



1. Use non GMO seeds and avoid polluting your land and getting caught in Monsanto's trap of paying for 2nd generation seeds.
2. Plant a variety of crops on a rotation program (read
The Omnivore's Dilemma for a detailed model of "Polyface Farm" -a successful rotational farm)
3. Hemp can provide super nutritious food, oil, paper and textiles.  You can lobby your County Commissioners or Superintendents to pass a resolution to grow hemp in designated areas.  This crop will always be in demand as it has so many uses.  It used to be illegal to NOT grow it!
4. Form coalitions of independent farms and create voting blocks to pressure lawmakers.

Follow this link to watch "King Corn"

This movie is important because it exposes these important facts:

1. Due to Earl Butz' agricultural program to produce more food in the 1970's changed farming (crops were no longer rotated, thus creating the need for fertilizers like synthetic nitrogen that has caused all kinds of problems in water sources).

2. Acidosis in cattle that should be fed grass, but are fed grain (corn) instead- and that makes the cattle very sick, so they are given large doses of antibiotics. The cattle on an industrial corn feed lot would die within 6 months, so they are slaughtered at 3-5 months.

3.  High fructose corn syrup is made with sulphuric acid!  One of the most causic chemicals available (it will burn your skin off on contact)

Follow these web links for the 'Food & Depopulation' series about the origins, purpose and mechanisms for control over our food supply, with regard to Genetically Modified Food:

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Written by Cassandra Anderson.

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