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unfiltered_news_edward_griffinHere is a letter from G. Edward Griffin's Unfiltered News (a free weekly newsletter), written by a woman who is in despair over the condition of the world:


Dear Mr. Griffin,

After reading your newsletter for well over a year now I am beginning to wonder what the point of living is. I read your information and it looks hopeless. The governments of the world are obviously corrupt beyond recognition and everything I read is about loosing more and more freedom. The collectivist control of our lives is inevitable and a poorly constructed resistance is falling apart at the seams. What's the point of living anymore? If they take my house, my livelihood and peace and create the new 1984...why would I want to stick around for that?

It's not just your newsletter, it's all sources of information, the NY Times, The LA Times, the TV, Radio, it's everywhere! All you are doing is giving the blow by blow description of how a planetary dictatorship is inevitable... Well Mr. Griffin, I no longer carry a gun to protect myself, I carry it because I want to have an escape plan. I am too scared to have fun anymore and that is no way to live.

I am going to save them the trouble of controlling, manipulating, RF chipping me with their plans of world domination...this is like a damn science fiction movie for gods sake! How much time do I have?

Posted 2010 Apr 19 from Heather


Hello Heather.

I can appreciate your despair. I have gone through similar mood swings over the years, but I always come out of it with the realization that we are not the first, the only, or the last humans on this planet to face such threats to our well being. Just recall for a moment what it must have been like for the millions of people who lived through the hell of wars fought around the globe for the past few hundred years – or the men and women who braved the wild American frontier and wilderness – or the millions who live today under primitive and cruel dictatorships in third-world countries.

freedom_force_edward_griffinYes, things are looking grim; but, on the other hand, what a wonderful opportunity this is for us to make a difference at a critical time in history. Doing nothing but watching and worrying is enough to depress anyone, but once we get moving and begin to participate in meaningful activity to combat the evil forces, our lives begin to take on meaning. I, for one, am grateful that I have a chance to change history. If you are not already a member of Freedom Force, now is the time to come on in and help us make a difference. It’s a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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