los-angeles-traffic-congestionThe collectivists' goal is to get us out of cars and off of roads as well as out of planes and out of the sky.

Cars: Cars are the target of increased taxation.

Roads: There is a movement within the Wildlands Project to stop building roads and to close down existing roads.  State, County and City Planners, who depend on federal money, have failed to expand busy roads and highways, thus creating traffic, instead of planning for increased traffic.

Toll roads: Toll roads are often owned by PPPs and generate a large profit.

Fuel Costs: Gasoline and oil are resources completely manipulated by OPEC and governments.  Bio-fuel (primarily made from GMO corn in America) is reducing the food supply, and increasing the price for food, as well as driving prices up for fuel.

Parking: Parking is becoming more expensive and limited.

Garages: Many Smart Growth living space complexes lack garages.

Traffic Calming: Street narrowing and islands in the center of streets with traffic are used to slow traffic and frustrate drivers.

Traffic fines: Traffic fines have increased along with red light and speed radar cameras to generate income for the states and local governments.

Light Speed Rail: Wildly expensive, inefficient transportation.  Smart Growth complexes are built near rail lines to discourage driving.

High Speed Rail: The High Speed Rail system is even more expensive and profoundly inefficient for America.  While it may be useful in Europe and Japan, America's landmass is so much larger, that it is just a waste of money.


Airports: Security has made travel very restrictive; from having to arrive at the airport hours before traveling to the nude body scanners which could have negative health implications.  After 9/11, many new security measures were adopted by the federal government, for our "safety".  Many believe that the long lines in airports are employed to condition the public so that we become accustomed to long lines and showing our ID on demand.  The recent "underwear bomber" was an extremely convenient 'crisis' that was used in order to install naked body scanners in airports across the country (in violation of the 4th Amendment).  Rahm Emanuel summed it up best, "Never let a serious crisis go to waste".

The airline business has suffered tremendously as a result of the federal regulations.


Trans Texas Corridor (TTC): A proposed superhighway (5 football fields in width) for trucks, and a separate one for cars, railways, etc, that would span from Mexico (bringing in cheap products) all the way up to Canada.  This is part of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement- with the ultimate goal of creating a North American Union, like the EU, between Canada, US and Mexico, compliments of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission).  The TTC would be owned by a Spanish private corporation.


Alert your city and county officials to the truth about Smart Growth, in addition to creating public awareness about it, in order to take action to stop Sustainable Development.

Alert your city and county officials (as well as the public) to the truth about the Wildlands Project.  Stop road closures.

Take control of your city and county by voting out officials who support Sustainable Development.

The Trans Texas Corridor has been stopped so far due to passionate activism against it, by Texans who realized it would result in an 'eminent domain' taking of their land and homes.

Airports should manage security privately, not through the government.

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